Pet Feeding Visits

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Pet Feeding Visits

 oWhether you’re away for a day, a week or a whole month we’re here to help!  We offer in-home pet feeding visits which is a great alternative to catteries. 

One of our pet sitters will call around once or twice a day and check on your house and pets and ensure they are happy and well.  We know not all pets are the same so these visits are catered to your specific needs and are suitable for any small animals.  Our standard pet feeding visits are for up to 6 indoor animal (please note these visits are not accepted for dogs) and include;

  • Visits once or twice a day

  • Ensuring your house maintains a lived-in appearance

  • Rotating curtains / lights, tv on timer, radio on

  • Private client portal for daily updates and photos

  • Clearing mailbox

  • Bringing in / taking out rubbish and/or recycling bins

  • Watering indoor plants

  • Cleaning and refreshing all food and water bowls

  • Keeping litter trays clean and fresh

  • Any routine medicating that may be required (does not include sub-cut fluids)

  • Lots of pats, cuddles and playtime


We also have extended pet feeding visits available for larger families and those requiring longer visits or additional tasks. 


We have a number of cats and one of these needs medicating twice a day. Thanks to Byndie and her team we can now go on holiday and trust that someone reliable and experienced is medicating and feeding our cats. It prevents me having to put the cat who needs medicating in a small cage at the vet … so a relief for both him and me!

As others have said, Byndie and her team leave notes confirming the cats they saw and gave a pat each visit. They also do things like turn lights on and pull some curtains which gives the impression someone is home. Would definitely recommend!

– Jo Palmer

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