Nail Clipping

Wellington Pet Nail Clipping Services

Nail Clipping

Nails or claws are an area that can be easily overlooked in our furry friends and there can be a variety of problems associated with them.  Often issues can be associated with the forgotten dewclaw.  These are pretty much the equivalent to our thumb, they are higher up on the paw and often covered in fur, and as they don’t touch the ground these can curl around in a tight half-circle and start burrowing into the skin. Problem claws are also often seen in older cats, their claws become thicker, they tend to spend more time inside and sleeping so are less inclined to be able to wear them down naturally and they don’t seem to be able to retract them as easily, so this is when it is helpful to give them a trim regularly to avoid them getting stuck in the carpet and bedding etc.

We can come to you and clip their nails in the comfort of their own home or perhaps book in and get us to show you how to do yourself.


  • Nail clipping for one pet $27

  • Additional pets $10

Highly recommended service. Our wee guinea pig was well loved and cared for in our absence from the Creature Comforts staff. Receiving updates while away to know all was well with our wee pet as well our home was so reassuring. Thanks so much – we will definitely use your services again Byndie.

– Graeme & Karen

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