Dog Walks

Dog Walking Wellington

Dog Walks

One of the best things we can do for our dogs health and happiness is to ensure they get sufficient daily exercise and attention. It is proven that regular walks improve your pets’ health.  Just like their human counterparts, pets need regular and consistent exercise to live long, healthy and happy lives but often with the pressures of work and home time is not on our side so we would love to come in and help.  We can do a timeframe and duration that works for you and your dog, starting at 30 minutes up to 1 hour.

  • Walks are catered to the needs of your dog

  • Work the walk into your day so it suits your needs

  • Walks provide socialization and stimulation

  • Walks improve pet behavior

  • Regular walks help with pets weight control

  • Our dog walkers give you peace of mind

  • We give you back some of that precious time we’re all short on


  • 30 minutes $35

  • 45 minutes $42

  • 1 hour $49

  • Additional Dog $16 each per walk

  • Mon – Fri non public holidays only

I simply cannot rave about how wonderful a service Creature Comforts provides. Byndie and her staff are truly exceptional. I love the daily report they write up so that you know what happened and how your pet was behaving each day. They will send you photos if you miss them, they will happily water your plants, bring in your mail and rubbish bin. If your pet is behaving differently or didn’t turn up they will send you a text message, they really are incredible the way they keep you informed. They give you so much peace of mind that everything is fine at home while you’re away. They really care about peoples pets and when I come home my little cat Archie is never traumatised, stressed or upset because he has been getting plenty of attention from the Creature Comforts team! 5 star rating, highly recommended to everyone!

– Tim Nesdale

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