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“caring for pets in their own home requires a deep level of trust and responsibility along with unfailing love for all animals.”

Hi, I’m Byndie Maxwell!

Founder of Creature Comforts NZ Ltd.

I have loved animals my entire life and over the years had the privilege of being a pet slave to, many cats, several dogs including a corgi, dalmatian cross, and a mastiff cross, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, goldfish, tropical fish, tadpoles to frogs, cockatiels, a rainbow lorikeet and even a chinchilla.

In 2000 after returning from living overseas for 5 years, I pursued my dream of working with animals and studied veterinary nursing, and in 2002 I began working in a busy, small animal, vet clinic in Wellington.

It wasn’t long before I noticed there was a demand from clients for a professional alternative to their pets staying in catteries so Creature Comforts was born, and for the next 11 years I did both veterinary nursing and in-home pet care.

After having my first daughter and many years of working 3 jobs and 7 days a week I decided it was time to make a change.  So I took a leap of faith and left veterinary nursing to pursue a full-time career in in-home pet care and put all my time and energy into building Creature Comforts.

I know that caring for pets in their own home requires a deep level of trust and responsibility along with unfailing love for all animals. As such I have built my business on a solid basis of honesty, integrity and compassion and we strive to continually meet our clients’ needs and surpass their expectations.

Meet The Creature Comforts Team

Fadzai one of the Creature Comforts pet sitter

Fadzai Paradza

Fadzai has been working with our team for over 3 years now.  She is in her final semester studying online the Bachelors in Vet Technology at Massey.  Ever since she was young she’s always loved animals.   Some of her interests outside of work and study are watching movies, music, playing guitar, singing, dancing, going out on random drives and playing with the neighbourhood pets.  So in her own words, being with Creature Comforts is my perfect job, it is so much fun and perfectly complements my studies!

Shirley James

With a passion for all creatures great and small Shirley has enjoyed several years of volunteering with the Wellington Zoo, the SPCA and fostering cats and kittens in preparation for desexing and adoption to their forever homes.

From building cardboard castles for kittens to making puzzle feeders for kaka, Shirley has developed a particular interest in environmental enrichment for animals.

In 2017 Shirley qualified with the NZ Certificate of Animal Technology from Otago Polytechnic and she is now loving being an NZCAT herself!

Hannah Burdan

Hannah has had a love of animals her entire life and always been surrounded by them. From dogs and cats to rabbits, mice, injured birds and sick hedgehogs. Hannah always knew she wanted to work with animals and began studying for a Bachelor of Science at Victoria University majoring in ecology and biodiversity. In 2019 Hannah began volunteering at Wellington Bird Rehabilitation Trust where she enjoys lots of great experiences with all kinds of birds including fostering. Currently her family have two dogs Ruby and Ted, as well as two chickens, Chicken Little and Ginger. Hannah loves meeting all the pets, big and small with Creature Comforts and is looking forward to meeting many more

Gemma Wainuiomata pet sitter

Gemma Kahi

Gemma covers our Wainui area clients for Creature Comforts. She worked with Byndie and Madeleine in her first vet nursing job in 2005 and has been vet nursing ever since. In 2015 she became Practice Manager, a role that she love’s every single day. She is a pet parent to Boss, a huntaway rotti X, 2 cats, Jam and Mo, and 2 Guinea pigs Panda and Wolfgang.

Kyndra one of the Creature Comforts pet sitters

Kyndra Garton

For as long as she can remember Kyndra has always had a passion for caring for animals and absolutely loves just being around them. As such she has continually surrounded herself with animals and currently shares her home with a gorgeous ball of fluff – Charlotte. Kyndra is a trained vet nurse assistant and is currently working towards her bachelor of science at Victoria University. When Kyndra’s not busy at work, caring for all our wonderful clients’ fur babies, she’s off spending time with friends and family.  Kyndra is often found doing outside activities, and scenic walks around our amazing city is a particular favourite pastime for her, so she absolutely loves getting out with all of our dog walking clients and looks forward to meeting your balls of fluff soon.

Kate a pet sitter for Creature Comforts Wellington

Kate Nicholson

Kate’s entire life she has always loved all animals big and small, with equestrian being a real passion.  Kate has been riding horses since before she could walk, which is no mean feat.  She has even worked at a local farmyard zoo in the Hawkes Bay for about ten years before moving to Wellington, where she cared for all sorts of animals.   Kate is currently completing her Animal Care course before she moves on to studying Vet Nursing
Maddie Wellington pet sitter Creature Comforts

Madeleine Bridge

Maddie has been working at Creature Comforts since moving to Wellington at the start of 2022, and have been absolutely loving it.  Sadly she had to leave behind her 4 rabbits and 2 cats, but being able to meet and care for our client’s pets helps to make up for that!   Maddie has had a passion for animals as long as she can remember and they have always been a huge part of her life.   Her first job was working on a rare breed animal farm, which then lead on to her doing her NZ Certificate in Companion Animal Care. After finishing high school she then went straight into the NZ Certificate in Captive Animal Management.   2021 was spent doing placements in a zoo working with all kinds of exotic animals!  In her own words, “it’s honestly the highlight of my week when I get to make friends with everyone’s pets!”.

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